How To Decorate Cardboard Boxes With Fabric 

Custom made cardboard boxes are very useful and they can be used for many unique purposes. You can get custom made cardboard boxes from any online or offline box company. Custom made cardboard boxes prove to be useful from numerous points of view in our everyday lives. An inventive and pleasurable specialty is the brightening of cardboard boxes to use for home stylistic theme, stockpiling, or present giving. They can be used for transporting products effectively and steadily. They serve a splendid arrangement in retail packaging. Now and then a product requires some extra assurance in their packaging to deal with it. Be that as it may, allotments can be made in the container to shield the items inside from harm and breakage. Custom made cardboard boxes can be personalized easily without much of a stretch. One can make them or buy them in all shapes and sizes. Today, we are going to tell you about how to decorate cardboard boxes with fabric.

How to Decorate Cardboard Boxes With Fabric:

Any person can recycle all types’ cardboard boxes and beautify them easily. It is very easy to decor and adorns the cardboard boxes for your crafts and valuable recollections.

Empty shoe, laundry detergent or cigar boxes
Silk flowers
Bits and pieces of fabric
Hot glue
Gift wrap or wallpaper scraps


The first thing we are going to do is to get the fabric which should be big than the cardboard. You can take any type of fabric but if it would be thin, the appearance would be good enough. Now, you have to cover the entire box with the fabric on the inside first. You have to use hot glue to paste the fabric inside the box. After finishing inside, you have to cover the box from the outside. You must not start fabricating from the outside first.

After you have applied the fabric with hot glue it is time to wait and let the glue dry. The hot glue usually takes 1-2 hours to dry. This is a very easy step and you can fabricate lots of boxes one by one with this method. The second thing to beautify then cardboard box is to use other adornments.

We have taken empty shoe, laundry detergent or cigar boxes but you can use any of your choice. It is entirely up to you. We will beautify these shoe, laundry detergent or cigar boxes to make them useful for other things. You can use these beautiful cardboard boxes as gift boxes or decoration boxes. They can also be used as stylish boxes. It is time to make the box more beautiful than before. Get the laces and make designs with it onto the cardboard box. You can use colorful laces. After laces, you should use the ribbons, beads and silk flowers. You can also use old jewelry to adorn the cardboard boxes more.

As you can see that the cardboard boxes can easily be decorated with fabric and other items. At present, custom made cardboard boxes are very famous to showcase various items. As cardboard boxes are strong, they are used for various things. Organizations are making the greatest out of discount custom made cardboard boxes for their all packaging needs. For showing jewelry and beautiful things like rings, wrist trinkets, accessories and hoops custom made cardboard boxes are utilized. Jewelry and beautiful cardboard boxes are assisting many business elements with heightening their deals. They shield jewelry from dust, dirt and moisture which keeps the jewelry good as new for a long time.